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Hypertrophy Nutrition owns and operates 5 premium sports nutrition brands, being one of them Soul Project. Together, these brands provide athletes around the world with a comprehensive line of powdered, bar, tablet, capsule and ready to drink products.

Hypertrophy Nutrition is characterized by its strict ingredients selection and quality control. The brand Soul Project is not an exception: our lab testing and manufacturing processes are all done to provide you with the highest quality sports nutrition products available. It’s our mission to bring consistent quality to the marketplace, and we are constantly working on setting higher standards.

Give us a try! We want to be your trusted partner that helps you achieve any fitness or physical activity goals you go for.


Our brand Soul Project is formed only by products of quality which feature specialized formulas designed to support training and nutrition goals at every level of an athlete's regimen. Our objective is to help you meet specific training and physique goals, as well as to support a healthy active lifestyle.

Therefore, we carefully select the most premium raw materials. A Certificate of Analysis is required for every ingredient, which is then tested and retested for compliance. That is why we consistently deliver the highest quality products to athletes across the globe.

Our products can be found throughout Europe in specialty retail stores, gyms and fitness centers. But our products are also distributed outside the continent, in countries such as Russia, China and Chile. We keep developing our hard work with the commitment to continue our expansion around the world.

For a complete listing of Soul Project products, visit the “Products” section of this website.


Hypertrophy Nutrition is built on you, the customer. It drives us to excel at everything we do. That is why we have a team of highly qualified professionals (pharmacists, chemists and specialists in sports medicine) to develop all our brands and projects. Soul Project’s employees represent as well the spirit of our company: to always provide the best quality and the best service.

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